5 Popular Kollywood Singers Who Contributed to the Fame of Tamil Songs

Tamil Songs

Tamil also debuted as Tamizh is a Dravidian language. The language is generally used by Tamil people of Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka. The language has official value in the Indian states of Pondicherry, major part of Tamil Nadu, and Andaman and Nicobar Islands. 

Tamil is also one of the official languages of Singapore and national language of Sri Lanka. Tamil is also legalized as one of the languages of education medium in Malaysia along with English, Mandarin and Malay. 

It’s also predominantly spoken in the states of Kerala and minorities in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. The popularity of this language is also increased by Tamil songs and movies which are getting very popular, nowadays. There are 5 most popular Tamil song singers who played an important role in this.

KJ Yesudas

Yesudas is cultural ambassador of Carnatic Music. Additionally, he sings Hindustani music. Yesudas is most regarded contemporary artist from the South. As like south he sang all most all dialects in North India especially Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Bengali, Hindi and so forth. 

Yesudas accomplished recompenses from Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra, Karnataka, and Bengal for the best vocalist for their dialects. Yesudas attained to seven Awards in the national level that included Hindi, Malayalam and Telugu.


SP Balasubramaniam

He is No. 1 - Indeed, even today, still his voice is so sweet and still is being picked to sing pleasant tunes above all. S.P. 

Balu is the best playback vocalist of India. He can sing any sort of melodies at any level for any matured on-screen characters. He has the best flexible voice. He is the best artist ever, with no learning of established music he has been amusing us for 4 decades.

KS Chithra

K.S. Chithra crosses types from established to musical theater to pop and post. "Chithra has been without a doubt THE best artist ever. Her voice is so differing! A definitive Angel of Music! Chithra's vocal tone is unrivaled in excellence. 

Her enthusiastic and adroit elucidations in a wide range of music (counting established, jazz, musicals, people, pop, and traditional hybrid) transport the audience into a Dreamscape of inebriating magnificence and have won her the most committed fan base possible.


When he has introduced to south, he has broken every legendary singer. Nobody was able to touch his fusion of singing and the voice. He has rendered huge percentage of super hit Tamil songs compared to others.


He is the best ever playback vocalist and artist, whatever he sang was simply great. A voice which had great profundity and great reach stretching out to 3 octaves. Ruled a film industry for about 3 decades for his whole existence with no rival because of his virtuoso abilities and sweet voice.
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