Why ‘Lingaa’ is One of the Hype Keys of Tamil Movies?

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Today, the ‘Thalaiva’ of Kollywood ‘Rajinikanth’ turns 64, but still he has a superb spark on his acting. His recent release 'Lingaa' adds one more success stone to his crown. Start to finish, the movie took less than a year in producing, and the film has knocked the door of the box office at December 11, 2014. The movie is amidst all the hype of Tamil movies. A bottle opus in its real sense, the film ‘Lingaa’ has the crew of best of style, class, artists and actors on board. 

Story (Lingaa is a mixed bag) - 

A charming thief - a smart and savvy one at that - has an attracting and rich history of his experience, in spite of his present condition. Named after his granddad, Lingeshwaran is one of the classiest robbers, in relationship with his friends. 

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Apart from this, he is additionally needed by people of Solaiyur, for reviving an age old Temple. Confused and curious about why his granddad is lauded so much, Linga, at last agreed to visit the town. 

The young fellow eventually discovers that his granddad was the one to resuscitate the life and occupation of the entire village, with his own cash. But, blazing back, Lingeshwaran is an affluent ruler with a heart independently went for serving individuals. Why and how did the lord misunderstand is the base of the entire film’s story.

Acting (cast and crew) -

Superstar - that's enough. For years, films that star Rajinikanth describe him as a protestor who eventually changes into an altruistic and liberal, pending individual with high regard in the general public. 

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Thalaivar plays his part in the movie very well, as a man in all respects, and his dialogues suit both his roles. Anushka plays reporter Lakshmi, Sonakshi plays the playful woman, who later becomes Lingeshwaran's wife. Karunakaran and Santhanam play Linga's friends, all over the movie.

Music (legendary- AR Rahman) -

Although there was a broad conviction that Rahman's music has descended for the Tamil movie, it is additionally genuine that we have grabbed ease back yet addictive getting a kick out of the chance to the collection of 'Lingaa'. 

On viewing the film, we comprehend that the music befits the story. Thus does the auspicious score all through. The tunes that play when Anushka or Sonakshi are on screen, are welcoming and pleasant. 

Yet, there is by all accounts a pregnant gap in the middle of the scene and music that takes over, in peak. One fortunate thing about the picture is that all tunes are pasteurized, and no tune goes waste. The tunes have turned out so well that there is no blockade to the stream of the story.
Tamil movies are making a remarkable palace in the viewer’s heart as well as the commercial market.